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What is an EPC?

EPC artCreating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization is an ambitious task. You've got to have guts to even entertain, let alone express, such a goal. The idea frightens the social pleasantness right out of people.

Crazy! Too big! Too far out!

I've seen some retreat into lofty professonal identities to offer some "kindly" advice--like a concerned father counseling an errant son: "The world's a big place, friend. Maybe you should lower your sights a little. People are going to wonder about you when you go around talking like that." But the real message--what you can hear them saying deep down--is this: "I don't believe it's possible. That ol' world will break your heart, just like it broke mine!"

And that "I don't believe it's possible" is the major barricade blocking the creation of an enlightened civilization. It is piled high with evidence. It is supported by every sympathetic pat or smile that anyone ever received for failing. It is a barricade made with all the twisted fragments of events and broken dreams that people use to persuade themselves that it was all right to fail. Pass it at your own risk. Since the first beginnings of the human potential movement, a very large number of caring, well-meaning people have succumbed to the discouragements that the world so generously provides. Why? Principally because they didn't have a workable technology with which to manage their own consciousness. But with The Avatar Course we have that now!


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