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Star’s Edge InternationalStar's Edge International, the for-profit corporation founded by Harry Palmer in 1986, was created to manage and present personal-development programs that exceeded people's expectations. He outlined an intriguing series of mental procedures. When correctly applied, these procedures unraveled many of the more profound mysteries of human consciousness. As the procedures evolved, they literally became a passport to the secrets of the universe. These materials are The Avatar materials and have evolved into a series of courses.

Today, the Star’s Edge Florida Headquarters manages over ten thousand licensed Avatar teachers (Masters) in 71 countries. Supervising this network are a staff of administrators and a team of experienced trainers from Australia, Germany, Holland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA, and Venezuela.

Star's Edge also hosts advanced courses in Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, and United States.

The Avatar Courses are straightforward self-development courses that come unencumbered by beliefs, sect memberships, or any quasi-religious rites. Avatar, managed properly, is a catalyst to accelerate the creation of an enlightened global civilization. Graduates of The Avatar Course belong to all religions and walks of life; there is no effort to convert anybody's beliefs to anything else.

Harry Palmer said, One of the things that I have learned from life, is that service to others, if it is done well and within a viable economic context, is contagious. Help someone; show kindness, and the next thing you know they are figuring out how to pass it on to someone else. That's my strategy for contributing to an enlightened planetary civilization®. I intend to create, within a viable economic context, an epidemic of compassion.

According to most graduates, The Avatar Courses, properly presented, are the most powerful, purest self-development programs available at any price. It is the shared responsibility of Star's Edge, Avatar Masters, and every Avatar student to insist this standard of quality be maintained.

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