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Avatar Basher: Eldon Braun

(Basher: A person who, with or without justification, DESIRES to blame, humiliate, and hurt others.)


Some recent rumors intentionally circulated on the Internet and via e-mail have resulted in some confused ideas about Avatar, Harry Palmer and Star's Edge.

Here is the real story behind them.

1. The story began in 1991 when Eldon Braun, a Provisionally Licensed Avatar Master, was caught cheating on royalties he owed Star's Edge, Inc. (the company that manages the Avatar network). When he still refused to pay after several attempts to negotiate, his license to deliver the Avatar Course was suspended. 1

2. Perceiving license suspension as an insult to his self-importance, and not being invited as a complimentary guest to the premier Wizard Course as an additional insult, Braun decided to punish Star’s Edge and Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Course.2 Thus Braun began a ten-year campaign to libel and discredit Avatar, Star's Edge, and Harry Palmer.3 He demanded large sums of money to stop. Using his advertising background and his study of black (negative) propaganda techniques,4 Braun twisted facts, quoted statements out of context, and lied outright to further his ongoing, malicious campaign. In 2001, within days after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, Braun published terrorism-related threats toward Harry and his wife.5 A criminal stalking complaint was filed against him with Florida law enforcement.

3. Braun's posted intentions are to "dismantle Star's Edge", "bring Harry Palmer down", and "to see Harry Palmer panhandling on the street."6 Ironically, at the time of these posts, Braun had only seen Harry Palmer at public lectures and a graduation barbeque party at Harry's home where he was one of more than fifty students.

In 1999, Braun decided to steal the Avatar Materials and rewrite them as his own Source Course.7

4. After failed attempts to mediate with Braun, Harry Palmer and Star's Edge filed suit against Eldon Braun in US Federal Court in 2000 for copyright infringement and libel.8 After a formal trial, the court determined that Braun had infringed Harry Palmer's copyrights, and was spreading malicious libel about Palmer. The court eventually ordered him to pay fines and attorney fees of over $450,000.00 to Harry Palmer and Star's Edge.9

5. In an attempt to abort justice, on or about July 15, 2005, Braun filed for bankruptcy in California. Besides the $450,000.00 owed to Harry Palmer and Star's Edge, Braun had stuck credit card companies to a tune of approximately $35,000.00

After a hearing, the United States Bankruptcy for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division discharged the credit card debits, but ruled that, because Braun's actions against Harry Palmer and Star's Edge were willful and malicious, any and all amounts awarded to Harry Palmer and Star's Edge were not dischargeable in bankruptcy.10 Star's Edge attorneys were then able to collect approximately $80,000.00 from property that Braun owned in California. A balance due of $370,000.00 remains to be collected.

6. Braun is still trying to threaten Star's Edge and Harry Palmer into not collecting their judgment.11 Braun has ignored evidence contrary to what he wants to believe and continues to use the Internet as a weapon to spread his propaganda and lies. Braun has posted over 5,000 critical statements about Harry Palmer, Star's Edge, and Avatar on the Internet under his own name or under anonymous names. Braun has said that he will not stop his libel campaign unless he is paid a million dollars. Braun has been unemployed for several years.

7. Braun preys on mentally ill people, and using lies and manipulation, recruits these unfortunates into joining his attacks. He advertises for disgruntled Avatars and Masters to contact him and then he tries to exacerbate whatever upset or misunderstanding they have into an attack on Avatar.12 His recruiting spiel plays heavily on money, feeling victimized, and on the failure of Star's Edge to recognize the recruit's elevated self-importance. He manipulatively coaches the recruits to blame Harry Palmer, Star's Edge, and Avatar for their failures in life.

One of a small hand-full of recruits that Braun has managed to coax into attacking Avatar is named Ronald Cools. At different times, several different Dutch Avatar Masters have tried to help Ronald Cools assume responsibility for his upsets and actions. After several free reviews, he was finally banned from attending Avatar deliveries since he was continually critical and had no interest in self-examination.

8. Ronald Cools describes himself in an Internet post: "Hi, I am Ronald, an 43 year old homosexual. I am living a very lonely life, without a relationship, no work, almost (sic) no friends. I feel I cannot bear this isolation any longer. I am suicidal for 3 years now, and every day is a torture for me. My method of stepping out of life is with sleepingpills (sic) (NItrazepam) and a plastic bag. I hope I have the strength to do it this week. Is here anyone in the same circumstance? Please tell me. Warm regard, Ronald Cools from Holland" 13

Cools did not commit suicide, probably didn't intend to. Instead he counseled others on how to commit suicide. Here is an excerpt from one of his posts: "Giving information how to commit suicide is not prohibited by law. Holland is a very liberate country Barbara, maybe you have to get used to that... Our birthright(sic) is also a choosen(sic) dead if you really want to step out of life. IMO Karin Spaink is helping people who have a concrete deadwish,(sic) and I also sometimes give people information how to commit suicide. I don't see anything wrong with that..."

Cools wrongly believes that because he is diagnosed with a personality disorder and is on welfare, that Star's Edge will not sue him for his blatant libel and copyright infringement. To date, every friendly attempt to stop him, or reason with him, has been interpreted by him as a threat that he uses to justify increasing his libel and copyright infringement activities.14 He has ignored a US Federal judge's injunction against publishing Braun's infringing Source Course--with Braun's approval, of course.

In 2005, Braun coaxed Cools to create a hate website (avatarscam) directed at Avatar. Most of the material on Cools' website have been written, re-written, inspired, or collected by Braun, some of it from a disgruntled Scientology employee, Gale Lyons, who Harry fired 19 years ago.15 Cools has also collected an e-mail list of Avatar Masters and periodically spams them with libelous out of context information about Harry Palmer, or stolen copyrighted materials.

9. Braun directly (or indirectly through his disgruntled recruits) spends many hours per week repeating variations of his five favorite lies:

Lie 1: that Avatar is a dangerous cult

Lie 2: that Harry Palmer is dishonest and insane

Lie 3: that Avatar training harms people

Lie 4: that Avatar is connected with, or is an offshoot of, the Church of Scientology16

Lie 5: that Star’s Edge was, or is, engaging in criminal activities.

These are malicious lies and have been documented with evidence and testimony as lies in U.S. Federal Court. Braun has been ordered to pay large fines for spreading them.

To evade U.S. justice and the fines and other penalties levied against him, Braun fled back to Paris where he continues to spin his lies to uninformed people. He uses his handful of recruits to confirm each other’s lies and spread misleading and manipulative stories to local press, TV talk shows, school boards, and governmental agencies (including the Florida and Texas Bar Associations, and, according to Cools, the Dutch police, the Dutch Government, and the FBI). Among Braun's favorites slurs are that Avatar is a UFO brainwashing cult and associated with, or similar to, the Church of Scientology. Both statements are deliberate lies intended to inflame people who have no experience with Harry Palmer, Star's Edge or Avatar.

If you encounter any effects from Braun's or Cools' propaganda, feel free to use this Situation Report to establish the reality of the situation. Every statement in it is accurate and documented. (Star's Edge will provide court documentation, deposition transcripts, and evidence to responsible journalists.)17

When Eldon and Ronald get over being right, they are invited, on their own time, to cycle between the Integrity (1) and Forgiveness Option (5) mini-courses until they feel personally responsible for their actions and no longer have any desire to blame, humiliate, or hurt others.

The mini-courses are available for free download here:

In spite of Braun’s malicious lies and Ronald's spam e-mails, the Avatar Network continues to expand. Star's Edge Trainers and staff salute the many thousands of aligned Avatar Masters, and tens of thousands of Avatar graduates, who are motivated by service to others, and compassion, and who are contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

"In a universe based on duality, there is always an opposite viewpoint." --Harry Palmer

Wishing you success and prosperity,

The Senior Avatar Council
Star’s Edge International


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