Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer   Harry Palmer

For 40 years the visionary ideas behind the Avatar materials incubated in the mind of Harry Palmer. Like many of us, Harry had occasional glimpses into the patterns that creation seemed to follow, but for him a glimpse wasn’t enough. In 1976, Harry resigned his tenured teaching position and began what was to become a decade of study and investigation into how consciousness works.

Books by Harry Palmer:

Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar


ReSurfacing® : Techniques for Exploring Consciousness



Also by Harry Palmer:

Harry is an accomplished man without pretensions or any magical airs, but with a certain deep-seated calm and a warm and quick sense of humor. He does not look or act like anyone’s guru or a corporate executive. He tends to wear tee-shirts and running shoes and is usually in the middle, though not necessarily the focus, of the excitement. He prefers incisive simplicity to any charismatic drama.

Today, few who fair-mindedly study Harry Palmer’s techniques can doubt the profound effect that his writings are having on the collective consciousness of the world. Harry’s writings have been translated into 19 languages, and his business model has had a major impact on the personal-development seminar industry.

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